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September 2016

Alexander Melikhov’s novel Escape from Retribution was short-listed for the Russian Booker Prize. See more on Alexander Melikhov

A long excerpt from Dmitry Ivanov’s novel Where Sleep the Gods has been published in the American magazine Two Line. See:

Man is a Noun, a novel by Liza Alexandrova-Zorina, will be published in Hindi by Prakashan Sansthan, New Delhi, India.
The French edition of Liza’s previous novel The Broken Doll, published this year by L’Aube, had very good press. Her earlier novel The Little Man, also published by L’Aube, is still in print and enjoys readers attention. The Little Man is also coming out in Estonian from Tanapaev.

Alexei Vinokurov’s political satire The Guardian Angel, focusing on the hostilities in Donbass, is coming out in Ukrainian from Ranok Publishers (Kharkov, Ukraine).
See more on Alexei Vinokurov.

The full edition of the pre-gulag and post-gulag diaries of Nina Lugovskaya, a Russian Anne Frank, is coming out this year from Vremena-AST publishers in Moscow. Earlier the first part of the diaries came out in more than 20 languages and enjoyed great international success.
See more on Nina Lugovskaya.

October 2016

This October as usual I attended the Frankfurt Book Fair. Sadly, interest in contemporary Russian literature remains low although it had been reported that the number of translations from other languages is growing.

On 24 October Los Angeles Review of Books published an interesting interview with our brilliant Dmitry Bykov – see what you are missing!

November-December 2016

Great Britain was the Guest of Honour at the so-called “nonfiction” book fair in Moscow (30 Nov-4 Dec). Their program was rich and varied. The venues were packed to bursting. We all enjoyed the inimitable English humour, the art of rhetoric, and professionalism of the speakers. We were thrilled to see some famous authors in person (Julian Barns, Jonathon Coe, Andrew Davis, Sebastian Folks) and discover new names (Emma Healey, Laline Poull). We enjoyed very informative and lively lectures by Emma House of the Publishers Association, the brilliant lecture on current UK literature by Kortina Butler of the British Council, Professor Marianne Elliott’s eye-opening historical survey, to name a few. I only regret not being able to multiply so that I could be present at all the British events.

January 2017

Alexei Vinokurov has been awarded the prestigios prize of the Znamya magazine for his novel People of the Black Dragon published in 2016.