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Booker Winners & Others

ISBN 5-7172-0015-3
248 pages, illustrated

Sample writing Sufar Gareev, The Park;
Victor Astafiev, The Cursed and the Slain

"GLAS gives us a sense of Russian literature in motion. If it cannot — perhaps mercifully — convey fully what it is like to live in Russia at present, GLAS at least gives us a taste of what it is to be a reader there.
Extracts from the novels shortlisted for the Booker Russian Novel Prize, including the winner, Vladimir MAKANIN's Baize-covered Table with Decanter; Semyon LIPKIN's tale of Odessa, A Resident Remembers; Victor ASTAFYEV's story of the plight of young conscripts in the Second World War, The Cursed and the Slain; Oleg YERMAKOV's The Sign of the Beast about Afghanistan.

Others include the new crop of Russia's writers of the absurd: Victor PELEVIN, Alexei SLAPOVSKY, Valery RONSHIN and Zufar GAREEV, writers following the currently fashionable grotesque style. An interesting aspect of this issue is that most writers featured live in the provinces or are recent newcomers to the capital.

"Booker Winners and Others is indispensible for anyone interested in contemporary Russian fiction. Read in its entirety it provides a fascinating picture of Russian letters today, and an absorbing, if somewhat disturbing psychological portrait of a society in disarray." — The Moscow Times