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Soviet Grotesque

ISBN 5-7172-0021-8
256 pages, illustrated

Young people's rebellion against the establishment

"A brand of Russian humour so savage that it borders on horror... It is not for the squeamish... Here is the festering underside of a whole nation's psyche." — The Observer
"Wedged inside the box was a crudely hacked section of a man's face... Suddenly Kolomiets flung the box on the floor and threw his arms around Avotin... " — Vladimir SOROKIN, "A Business Proposition"

Horror stories from Victor Yerofeev, Daniil Kharms, Yuri Miloslavsky, Igor Yarkevich.

Also included, as a relief from the "grime and slime" is Alexander Terekhov's luminous long story "Buddy", part of his cycle of stories about the army, which established his name as one of the finest and most promising young writers today.