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Dramatist and short story author Yaroslava Pulinovich was rightly called “the voice of her generation”. Born in 1987 she grew up in Omsk (Siberia) and currently lives in Yekaterinburg (the Urals). She is the author of 30 plays which have been staged in more than 40 theaters around Russia, winning her many prestigious prizes: Debut, The Voice of the Generation, Eurasia, The Golden Mask, Harlequin, to name a few. Some of her plays have also been produced in London, Baltimore, Warsaw, Estonia, Ukraine, and elsewhere.
“Natasha’s Dream” (published in Glas Still Waters Run Deep), an earlier play which made her famous worldwide, was produced in many countries. Her play “The Bride of Clubs” was staged at the London Royal Court Theatre.
Pulinovich also writes poignant short stories about teenagers and young adults which contain so much dialogue that resemble plays while many of her plays-monologues read as short stories.