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Praise for Platonov

“If I refrain from stating that Platonov is a greater writer than Joyce or Musil or Kafka, it's not because such ratings are in poor taste – he definitely belongs to this echelon of literature – yet, on those heights there is no hierarchy. žžžIn this century the best Russian prose has been written by our poets and Platonov, but he is an exception... “ – Joseph Brodsky
A story as gripping as anything in Dickens, as moving and as artful.” – TLS
"An extraordinarily powerful novel, certainly among the half-dozen or so most important works of fiction of the Soviet period, it does more perhaps than any other to reveal the strange and tormented mixture of hope and despair by which many ordinary people must have lived during Stalin's revolution from above. No work of literature conveys this yawning gap between aspiration and reality, between truth and falsehood, as powerfully and succinctly as The Foundation Pit by Andrei Platonov." – Geoffrey Hosking

"Far more subtle than Orwell's 1984, The Foundation Pit is extraordinary: strange, almost abrupt, a hallucinatory parable of hysterical laughter and terrifying silences." – The Irish Times

“Through incongruity of verbal choices and juxtapositions Platonov expanded the limits of meaning and lent words new and unexpected dimensions. The deformation of syntax and the strangeness of usage are a striving for absolute veracity to the writer's vision and experience." – Mirra Ginsburg (from the introduction)

Main books:

Chevengur,    The Foundation Pit,    Happy Moscow